About Hinduism

‘Hinduism’, Routes and Roots

Hinduism is an acknowledged age old tradition of humanity, practised by people who settled in the land called Bharath or India. This highly evolved, scientific and rational approach to living and managing life has been useful to quite a large number of the world population. It is a well of knowledge, methods and approaches to deal with life and thereafter.

‘Hinduism’, the Soul and  Community living

To the lay man, Hinduism appears to be a set of rituals, recitation of mantras and celebration of special occasions called festivals.  All Hindu Festivals reflect vibrant energy, colours and a special cuisine for each festival.

A gentle peep into its origins and intentions will surely help the lay man live a contended and happy life, when applied appropriately.

‘Hinduism’, Sanatana Dharma

Hindu is one who follows the way of life prescribed by the practices handed over from one generation to another in continuity. Unlike other religions, Hindu dharma has many specialties.

This is not known as a religion, it is known as the dharma known as “Sanatana Dharma” – “perpetual adherence to timeless wisdom”.  Over the decades this dharma or precept has attained many hues in terms of relevance, deeds and thoughts behind each deed. The changes are due to new inputs, influences and absolute need to change due to changes circumstances. Sanatana means, according to Bhagavath Geetha, which cannot be destroyed by fire, weapons, water, air, and which is present in all living and non-living being. Dharma means, the way of life which is the ‘total of all aachaaraas or customs and rituals’.

Sanatana Dharma has its foundation on scientific spirituality. In the entire ancient Hindu literature we can see that science and spirituality are integrated. It is mentioned in the 40th chapter of the Yajurveda known as Eesaavaasya Upanishad that use scientific knowledge for solving problems in our life and use the spiritual knowledge for attaining immortality through philosophical outlook.

‘Hinduism’ tagged as a Religion

The tag ‘religion’ to the word Hindu is merely because societies need to show it differently from other true religions, rather than the true nature of this dharma.  Actually Hinduism is secular and can be adopted by anyone irrespective of class, creed, Religion gender, age or qualification.

‘Hinduism’, it’s knowledge bank

The repositories of the knowledge bank are the Vedas, the Bhrahmasutras and Upanishads which explain the core of Hinduism in different facets. In particular, the Vedas do not claim any authorship. This is because of the basic philosophy of Hinduism that ‘identity’ in any form is false and truth has no need for such an identity. It is said by a great man – one cannot improve upon truth, one can certainly improve his or her understanding of truth.

‘Hinduism’ and Spirituality

In each and every aachaaraa there will be a component of spirituality in it. Without spirituality, nothing exists in Sanatana dharma. Generally everyone bear a wrong impression that this spirituality is religion. Spirituality is different in Hindu dharma. Here the question of religion does not exist at all, because Hindu dharma was not created by an individual, prophet or an incarnation. Spirituality is a part of every Hindu custom in the normal life of a Hindu.

‘Hinduism’ A family of many diverse traditions

Hinduism, in fact, is a ‘family’ of many diverse traditions, or sampradayas, each with its own distinct theology, philosophy, rituals, code of practices, and value system. This inescapable diversity and richness makes Hinduism particularly hard to define in simple, precise terms. Nonetheless, like in any family, there are some common elements and unifying themes. These include accepting God or a Supreme Reality, atma (the soul), dharma (the law of righteousness), karma (the law of cause and effect), the authority of the Vedas, and moksha (liberation).

‘Hinduism’ Basic facts

Hinduism, though, is not monolithic (characterized by complete uniformity). It has no single founder, no one scripture, no single set of teachings, no unified code of conduct, no central governing body.

Hinduism in Luxembourg

Hindus in and around Luxembourg would like to create a community of practicing Hindus who will cherish, apply and celebrate all the facets of Hinduism.

It is open to one and all, without bar.

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