Vision & Mission

-Honoring the Hindu Heritage-

-Celebrating Hindu Cultural Achievements-

– Fulfilling our Duties to our Community and Future Generation –

-Assisting & Serving the Hindu Community – with

”A place of worship”

”A Community Center”

”A Library & Museum”

‘Observe Hindu Traditons’

‘Create awareness of our Cultural Values’

‘Preserve the beliefs and monumental scriptures’

‘ Understanding and sharing the different facets of Hinduism with literature’

‘Learn, practice and experience Hindu Talks, Festivals, Retreats, Rituals and Pilgrimage’

‘Support, assist, welcome integration and inclusion of each soul that wishes to understand and participate in activities which gives an insight to the Hinduism’s rich cultural heritage’

Respect and Tolerance’

‘Integrity and Understanding’

‘Live and Let Live’

‘Pro-active and Engaging’

‘Dedication & Devotion’

Hindu Forum Luxembourg will carry out all relevant activities that supports the vision and mission of the association. 
The Hindu Forum Community abides to manage it’s organisation responsibly  and strictly adhering to it’s chore values flagged up in the vision and mission, without any ethnic, political, racial or economic discrimination.